Coconut Oil and Weight Loss – What’s the Story?

coconut oil and weight loss

Coconut oil has been linked to weight loss, in varying degrees. Some swear it is the answer to losing weight easily; others are more measured and suggest it may aid weight loss when included as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. I want to talk about where this thinking has come from – is […]

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Coconut Oil Side Effects – Can it be Bad for You?

coconut oil side effects

Over the years I have come across people who have experienced side effects when switching to using virgin coconut oil, both in cooking and in beauty treatments. In most cases these have been very minor and can usually be avoided by taking a few simple steps. I have heard of more serious cases where there […]

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101 Uses for Coconut Oil -Almost

coconut oil uses

Due to the whole buzz around coconut oil, I’ve put together a section of this site looking at it in a little more detail, for those that are interested. Uses for coconut oil, health benefits, how to buy, and recipes for – I keep getting these types of questions so to help you I will […]

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Tips for Buying the Best Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

extra virgin coconut oil

So now you want to buy some good quality coconut oil. You search online or go to your local health store and see what’s on offer. Meltdown time! Too many different products – virgin, organic, extra virgin, RBD, hydrogenated and not even remotely virgin! Don’t worry, it is easy enough to find the right one […]

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