Make Your Own Natural Shampoo Recipe for Dry Hair – With Organic Coconut Oil and Orange

This is a fantastic all natural shampoo recipe ideal for dry hair and scalp conditions including dandruff. Even if your hair is not dry it is great for use every now and then to add a rich shine to your hair. I discovered using coconut oil for hair treatments years ago and have tried it in numerous variations of homemade shampoo recipes but this is my favorite. It is easy enough to make so go ahead and give it a try.


2 tbl spoons organic coconut oil
3 drops orange essential oil
1 drop bois de rose oil (rosewood oil)

How to Make

The coconut oil should be fairly solid to begin with (it melts around 25 degrees C). Start off by melting the coconut oil over a pan of hot water – it won’t take long but do not ovenatural shampoo recipe - orangesr heat. Take it off the heat and add the essential oils, mixing thoroughly. While it is still runny, pour it into a wide topped jar, then leave to cool and solidify. At room temperature the mix should be fairly soft but still basically a solid. Again after you have made this shampoo recipe, try some different essential oils – I like peppermint, tea tree oil or lemon balm for a fresh smelling shampoo ideal for dry hair.

Using the Coconut Oil Shampoo

As it is a solid I like to take it into the shower or bath and let it heat up a little – you can run hot water over the container to soften it further if necessary. You simply need to smear off a small amount and rub it into your hair and scalp. Combing it through will give good, even coverage. Leave the shampoo in your hair for at least five minutes for best results. Rinse off with hot water. If your hair feels too oily for your liking, you can wash gently with a plain base shampoo which should lather up and remove any excess oil.

The Secret is in the Sauce!

This natural shampoo will deep cleanse and add oil and shine to dry, damaged hair. Dry hair is such a common problem these days that most of us will benefit from this treatment at some stage. The use of strong chemical shampoos, dyes, perms, hair dryers and straighteners all add to the problem of dry and damagedcoconut oil for homemade shampoo hair, this will help to revitalize your hair when used once or twice a week.
The Rosewood oil smells nice and is great for dry scalps and sensitive hair and skin, the citrus from the orange has cleaning properties as well as a fresh smell but the key ingredient is the coconut oil.

Coconut oil is an amazing natural product – see my article about coconut oil for more details. In this instance we are using it for its moisturizing properties, to add moisture to dry hair and to treat dandruff. I recommend spending a little extra on some good quality organic coconut oil, it really does add to the effectiveness of this shampoo recipe. Avoid buying cheap coconut oil as this tends to be very greasy and have a very strong smell. Coconut oil is also widely believed to help stimulate hair growth, but the jury is still out on that one!

The magic properties of coconut oil aside, this is a great homemade recipe for dry hair – adding shine and lifting listless looking hair. I use it every few weeks just to give my hair a bit of a lift and can definitely recommend it.

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