Why Using Organic Coconut Oil for Hair Treatment is so Good

I’ve long been a fan of coconut oil, using it in various forms for cooking, skin lotions, soaps and shampoo. Several of the recipes for beauty products in this site recommend using coconut oil so I wanted to do an article looking at why coconut oil is so good and in particular, for hair treatments.

Now coconut oil is enjoying a huge growth in popularity and of course all the usual extreme claims are washing around the internet. It seems it can cure everything from balcoconut oil for hair treatmentdness to cancer – if you are silly enough to believe everything you read! I even read an article claiming it is a cure for AIDS – that is just wrong on so many levels. I’m not here to bash coconut oil and its properties, quite the opposite. I have used it for years and in my view it IS quite amazing – but let’s get real, forget the extraordinary claims and be sensible.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Your Hair?

Undoubtedly, yes. I have used it for years and have recommended it to friends with very positive feedback – not very scientific I admit but it works for me!

Will Coconut Oil Cure Your Baldness?

No. Not in my opinion, or experience and I seriously doubt the motives forcoconut oil cure for baldness some of these claims people make. They often cite the fact that people with high coconut oil diets and use for hair treatment – such as in India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Pacific islands all have full heads of hair in their old age. Come on people get real. Have they ever heard of hereditary baldness? So many factors can influence baldness and hair loss; you can’t put it down to the coconuts alone. Imagine how disappointed Elton John must have felt after spending all that money on hair transplant surgery, only to hear all he needed was some coconuts!

Can Coconut Oil Stimulate Hair Growth?

Perhaps. In the sense that it nourishes and cares for your hair, you could argue that this is promoting strong and healthy hair growth. As to actively stimulating hair growth which was non existent – the jury is still out.

coconut oil for hair growth

3 Weeks of Coconut Oil !

As you may have guessed if you have read much of this site, we are a regular family who happen to enjoy making our own stuff. We are as green as we can be and do enjoy using alternative methods and ingredients; however we draw the line at making outlandish claims about products. Some people buy into the whole tree hugging, hippy philosophies – being at one with nature for the good of mankind – good for you if this works. We tend to be a little more grounded and practical. We tend to use ingredients because they work in some tangible way. Lavender essential oil is said to be relaxing and good for depression. Personally I use it in shampoos for its smell and because it works well on oily hair. If you believe it can cure depression well good luck with that.

So What Does Coconut Oil Do for Your Hair?

It is a great, natural saturated vegetable fat and as such has good moisturizing properties. This makes it suitable for use in treating dry skin and hair. I regularly use it in soaps lotions and shampoos specifically for dry skin and hair – oh and it smells good!

Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E – good for skin and hair. It has moisture retaining qualities and an oily nature – good for counteracting dry conditions, great for treating dandruff. I could go on about it being rich in Lauric and Capric acids and how these are antimicrobial agents that promote healthy hair – but I won’t! I use it purely and simply because it leaves your hair well conditioned, looking good and free from dryness and dandruff – did I mention it smells nice?

The only other thing I would add is to buy a good quality, organic virgin coconut oil for hair and skin treatment. Some of the cheaper brands available can be really sticky and can smell too strong for most people. Some people swear by using only virgin coconut oil, personally I don’t mind about their pasts – as long as they are refined and certified organic!

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