Tips for Buying the Best Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

So now you want to buy some good quality coconut oil. You search online or go to your local health store and see what’s on offer. Meltdown time! Too many different products – virgin, organic, extra virgin, RBD, hydrogenated and not even remotely virgin! Don’t worry, it is easy enough to find the right one if you follow a few tips I have learned along the way.

Some people might say you should buy a certain type of coconut oil for cooking and a different type for skin and hair care products. I believe it’s best to buy the best quality you can, if it is good enough to eat it is good enough for your face – and vice versa! What you should be looking for is simple – Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil. The only other type to consider is the RBD (refined, bleached and deodorized coconut oil) and this is really only for anyone who does not like the smell or taste but would still like some of the benefits of coconut oil. Step one is complete.

Why Organic Virgin Coconuts

You really should care about their pasts you know, it may help your future health! Seriously though, sometimes I’m very skeptical with certain so called organic produce. Often companies sell stuff as organic just to get a premium price. With coconuts you can be pretty sure that most are organically grown – simply because they are a robust species and in the countries they are grown the people do not widely use fertilizers or pesticides. They can’t afford to for a start. As for the virgin part – this means that the oil has been produced without any extra chemicals – usually by a press method. Why is this all important?
If you are choosing to buy coconut oil we can assume it is to take advantage of some of the natural benefits this oil offers. Whether for cooking or hair and skin care you want a natural benefit of some sort. You do not want some chemically enhanced ingredient – you can buy a regular beauty product for that! You extra virgin coconut oilwant your natural ingredients to be as pure as possible; less processing usually means better qualities.

Which Brand of Coconut Oil to Buy?

This is where it can get a little interesting. There are loads to choose from, each claiming to be the best or to offer some extra special healing quality. The truth is that there is quite a bit of variation between the brands. You are dealing with a natural product and the qualities will be influenced by many factors – from production techniques to the age of the coconuts used.

You can just dive in, buy a few and compare them until you find one brand you like. Or you can listen to some guidance and follow a few suggestions. I haven’t tried them all but I have used enough of them to know what coconut oil I like. It can be a matter of personal taste – some people prefer a strong smell, some hate the oil to be too greasy, some like anything!

My Favorite Coconut Oils

Of course I am respectable and my favorites are organic and virginal. These three are personal favorites of mine and to be honest it is hard to pick a stand out, they are all very good quality and reasonably priced. Here goes and in no particular order (click the links for more details or to buy from Amazon):

Barleans Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Good quality for cooking and for home beauty recipes. Costs around $13 for a 16 oz jar (about 473ml) – all in including delivery.

Natures Way Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
16 oz jar costs close to $13 including delivery. They are a bit sneaky; cost is cheaper but they charge for delivery.

Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Ships in 15 oz containers. Various multi-pack options on offer at certain times but prices are similar to other brands. At the moment they have a good offer on 2x 15 oz jars for around $17.

If you are new to this type of oil I recommend you try any one of these first – you can’t go wrong. Don’t get a bad experience with your first coconut oil by buying some cheap nasty product; it will only put you off. I’m not giving you a organic coconut oilsdetailed run down of these three oils because they really are very similar in terms of quality. What I will say is to search around for the best deals for these particular oils. With Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil the offers change from time to time and sometimes they have discounted multi-pack deals and free delivery. Check the prices including delivery, per ounce for a like for like comparison.

Where to Buy Coconut Oil

You can buy from online sources or from your local health store. Sometimes you can find great bargains locally on special offer. Personally, I buy coconut oil from Amazon. I pick out one of the above brands and check the latest price on their website, looking for multi-pack deals with free delivery to get the best value. Their pricing changes regularly so you need to go and check – you can find the products easily with the links above.

Remember that a 16 oz jar of organic coconut oil can go a long way especially when making beauty products, so don’t go too mad on the quantities. It also keeps for several months so a couple of jars should be good. While you are on the Amazon website, check out the customer reviews for each brand of oil and in particular the number of reviews. I am a bit of an Amazon nerd and I can tell you if a product has a couple of hundred good review ratings – you can be sure it will be good! You don’t have to take just my word for it.

Don’t forget to check out my coconut oil shampoo recipe and for more coconut oil information – Why Using Organic Coconut Oil for Hair Treatment is so Good.

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